One of the major issues a project manager will face in a construction project is finishing a land survey. The survey has to be affordable, accurate, and fast to get the project off to a good start. Hiring a professional aerial land surveyor that utilizes UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) can help you with this challenge. UAVs work quicker compared to old-school surveying methods. They utilize the latest techniques to capture accurate and detailed land data.  

After you have determined that an aerial land surveyor is best for your project, you will have to do your research and ensure you hire the best one. Here are several tips you can follow when hiring a professional for aerial surveying

Is the Company and End-to-End Firm? 

What will happen once the professional gathers the data that your project needs? Do they just conduct a data dump and let you do the rest? You will ideally want to work with an end-to-end firm that helps you utilize the land data, aside from helping you collect it.  

Quickly finishing the survey process is one of the primary objectives of any project manager. Unfortunately, the process is not completely finished until the data has been stored and processed completely. An end-to-end company can guarantee that this occurs without any delays. Furthermore, this type of partner could ensure your data is securely stored, while also ensure that you can access it if you require it. 

Do They Hire Certified UAV Operators? 

The industry of UAVs has been long subject to regulations from the government. Though these rules have made life a little harder for individuals searching to affordably and quickly source data, they’re also vital to guarantee that UAVs are safely operated.  

It might not appear like a huge deal to hire someone who is not a certified UAV operator just to cut corners. However, it is vital to be wary of a couple of the possible results of such a choice. Your firm might encounter legal complications if a UAV operator working on behalf of your firm does not follow all the applicable guidelines and laws while working on your project. The ideal way to prevent these types of issues is to hire a certified UAV operator.  

Do They Use Latest Technologies? 

When trying to hire a surveying company, one of the major issues that project managers encounter is separating serious experts from the hobbyists. With UAVs becoming more affordable, more individuals are beginning to believe they’ve got what it takes to conduct aerial land surveying services. Unfortunately, there’s an obvious difference between professionals and amateurs.  

Only an expert can offer you the survey-grade information you require to make informed choices based on precise assumptions. Close enough just does not exist in the industry of land surveying. Only detailed and accurate date will do. Also, only aerial land surveyors who have invested in the latest data-gathering methods can offer this type of data to you. That’s why it is always ideal to ask if the company is using the latest technology.